What YOU can learn from
Galileo, Henry Ford, Harley Davidson,
Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and Donald Trump
that will Help You Succeed in Business

All the success icons above possess this ONE skill...

Discover how to master this ONE skill, once and for all,
using an effective, easy-to-follow five step formula—
become unstoppable in getting what you want.

Dear Business Professional:

In the next few minutes you will discover the single most important skill that you MUST have to succeed in ANY business.

And it has nothing to do with time management, goal setting or stress management.

As you continue to read, you’ll also learn how to master this skill, once and for all, so that you can achieve the success and acceptance you deserve!

The ONE Quality that ALL Famous, Successful People Possess
(And how YOU can develop it…)

What is this ONE quality or skill? Take a look at the factual stories below…to find out.

Success always leaves clues.

Did you know…

Galileo was sent to jail for 8 years because people thought he was insane and should be incarcerated for claiming the earth revolved around the sun?
Henry Ford experienced two major business failures before the creation and mass production success of his Model T?
Arthur Davidson and William Harley were told to stay out of the garage for good (which they had been using to build a motorcycle) when one of their carburetors exploded. And when they finally did finish making their first bike, they had doors slammed in their faces when trying to raise money, door to door, for mass production?
Walt Disney originally created a character named Oswald the Rabbit. When he went to his distributor to negotiate a better rate for the creation of the character, he found out that he didn’t own the rights to the character, and that the distributor did. And furthermore, that same distributor stole employees right out from under him by offering them better pay. And after this major setback, he went on to create Mickey Mouse?
  Steve Jobs was fired from the company he helped create, Apple, because executives saw him as too inexperienced and eccentric to entrust him with a current major undertaking (the Lisa project), and he had no formal business education. Jobs then founded the company NeXT which was later purchased by Apple for $402 million dollars. In 2000, he was named permanent CEO of Apple who is responsible for the Ipod, Itunes and the new Iphone.
  Donald Trump couldn’t get a single bank to finance him to fund his first big investment project, the Commodore, in Manhattan. He got creative and found alternate funding and the property is now the famous Grand Hyatt.

And there's more...

* Beethoven was once declared hopeless at “composing” by his music teacher.
* Einstein’s parents worried that he was "sub-normal."
* Elvis Presley was fired by The Grand Old Opry after only one performance. He was told, “You ain’t going nowhere son. You ought to go back to driving a truck.”
* Michael Jordon was kicked off his high school basketball team.
* Stephen King threw his manuscript, Carrie, in the garbage because he was tired of the rejections. In fact he gave up posting his rejection slips on the bulletin board above his computer once they were too thick for a pin.
* Oprah Winfrey was rejected for the first news anchor position she applied for because she was African-American and overweight.
* John Grisham, best-selling author, was rejected by sixteen agents and a dozen publishing houses before his novel, A Time to Kill, was accepted.
* Fred Astaire, was turned down by four movie studios and had an executive say this about him, “Ears too big, balding, can’t sing—dances a little.”
* Sylvestor Stallone who dreamed of starring in his own screenplay, Rocky, was rejected over and over but was finally offered a substantial amount of money if he agreed NOT to star in it!
* The Beatles were turned down by executives who said, “We don’t like their sound. Groups with guitars are on the way out.”
* Marilyn Monroe was turned down by a modeling agency and was told that she’d better learn to do secretarial work or get married because she didn’t have a future in show business.
* The Wright brothers only had five people show up to witness their historic first flight.
* Clint Eastwood was told that he would never be a movie star because his Adam’s apple was too big.
* Colonel Sanders received over 1,000 rejections of his special chicken recipe before becoming the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
 * F. Scott Fitzgerald was once told by an editor; “You’d have a decent book if you'd get rid of that Gatsby character."

And these are only a handful of stories that are commonly known.

Have you figured out the single most important quality that these famous successful people had?


All famous, successful people possess the ability to overcome rejection and to continue moving forward toward their dreams, until their dreams become a reality! 

Rejection, real or imagined, is the single biggest reason people don’t reach their goals!

You’re intelligent enough to know that all of the time management, stress management and goal-setting books will not work if you do not possess at least a baseline level of resiliency and a capacity to bounce back from rejection!

Some people, when faced with rejection, will ruminate and brood over it for days, weeks, or even years. They feel unable to let it go and unable to move on, so they are stuck living one minute in life over and over. Kind of like the movie, Groundhog Day but without the funny parts.

Whereas, successful people, like those mentioned above, find a way to assimilate and integrate the feedback they get from rejection to offer a better performance, idea, or outcome in the next opportunity.

So in this context, you can see that being able to bounce back from rejection easily and quickly is really MORE important than any other life skill you could master.

And the good news is that I have an easy-to-follow five step plan for helping you overcome rejection, once and for all, so you can get what you want in life!

But I'm sure at this point, you’d probably like to know why I am qualified to address this subject, right?

Please allow me to take a moment to introduce myself… CLICK HERE for a detailed biography

I have the Education and Experience to Help You Overcome Rejection, Once and For All, so you can Achieve the Success you Deserve!

My name is Dr. Rachna D. Jain and I am a licensed psychologist, certified sales and marketing coach and author/speaker with more than 10 years of experience helping clients (graduate students, small business owners, therapists, entrepreneurs and professionals )live happier and more successful lives, with less effort.

I am a nationally recognized expert in all areas of personal growth, having been interviewed for publications such as The Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fortune Small Business, Cosmopolitan and many more! My articles have been featured in online and print publications and I have appeared on The Today Show.

But HONESTLY my most important credential is that I used to be shy and insecure and had to learn how to get over my own fear of rejection in order to succeed in business.

In researching the various resources on how to overcome rejection for myself, I found that...

"With Rachna’s advice I feel like I made more progress in the time I worked with her than several years of therapy."

-Suzanne Garrison

The few resources available about overcoming rejection,
tell you "Not to take it personal," but don't tell you HOW to do that...

The current resources on the market for "overcoming rejection" missed a VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL—they did not address the internal feeling states that accompany rejection. Nor did they address "HOW" to shift those feeling states.

So I decided to develop my own five step system to help me not only behave differently, but to think and feel differently too.

Then I realized I was not alone, and that many of my clients really needed actual tools instead of just being told, "Do this differently."

They needed to know how to get themselves feeling good enough to even start making changes....

Because after all, I know from personal experience and the work with my clients that ...

Being Rejected is Like Being Punched!

Yes, it’s true.

In October 2003, the well known research journal Science, showed that being rejected has the same physical impact as being physically hurt.

In other words, your body and brain responds to social rejection in just the same way as if you had been punched or hit.

This explains why rejection can be so debilitating for many. And why advice like, "Don't take it personal" doesn't work.

The good news is that you can develop the “stamina” to recover quickly and easily from the blows of rejection with my five step plan.

As I mentioned earlier, growing your capacity to recover from rejection is the ONE life skill you need in order to create the kind of life you really want because…

Rejection is Inevitable!

I know that I’m not going to gain any friends by telling you that rejection is inevitable.

But it’s true; there isn’t a single person who hasn’t been rejected at one time or another.

The only thing that separates the successes from the failures is their ability to bounce back faster and stronger.

And since rejection can’t be planned for or protected against (though the possibility of rejection can be minimized), wouldn’t it be terrific to find a method to “rejection proof” yourself?

Because one thing that I know for sure is that...

Rejection is ALWAYS Better than Regret…

Even though rejection is painful and inevitable…it is always better than regret.

Take a moment right now to think about what would have happened if all the famous people you read about above would have quit after experiencing rejection. How would the world be different?

Now take a moment to think about what people would miss out on if you gave up? If you let rejection, or the fear of rejection, stop you?

Think about the opportunities you would miss... And the opportunities others would miss.

Don't let rejection stop you from achieving your dream!

Imagine what you can accomplish by overcoming rejection…by bouncing back faster and stronger...

Overcoming Rejection is the KEY to Your Success!

Overcoming rejection, once and for all, will help you…

* Build your confidence and become a magnet to success
* Expand your life and increase your chances of satisfaction in all areas
* Be open to new experiences so you can easily take advantage of opportunities
* Experience balance and harmony in business, relationships and life
* Be more accepting of yourself and others
* Easily convince others to accept you and your offerings
* Experience gratification and a sense of accomplishment
* Maintain a positive outlook
* Have more power and control over your life
* Help you develop courage, wisdom and perspective
* Have greater comfort with taking risks
* Become more resilient
* Let go of the past
* Bounce back stronger, faster

And most important, it will increase the likelihood of you getting what you WANT!

A Breakthrough, Easy-to-Follow Five Step Plan to
Overcome Rejection and Achieve your Goals!

"As an author, CEO, entrepreneur and success coach I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them achieve personal and financial success. I believe that one of the single most important qualities an entrepreneur can possess is resiliency. Rachna's book Overcome Rejection will help you become more resilient, bounce back from rejection quicker and stronger and lead you to results faster. 'Rejection proof' yourself by following her simple five step plan for achieving business and personal success."

Here to help YOU,

Terri Levine, CEO, The Coaching Institute Terri@CoachInstitute.Com

"We live in a competitive marketplace and only the top 1% truly prosper. Prosperity isn't an accident-- Rachna's 5 Step System will help you be a
business winner."

--Ben Mack, Best Selling Author
Think Two Products Ahead


I have created an easy-to-follow five step method, using a simple acronym (S.M.A.R.T) to help you overcome rejection.

I have outlined this plan in detail in my book Overcome Rejection: The SMART WAY.

I have used this plan in my own life to help me move from being shy and insecure to being a successful business woman, psychologist, sales and marketing coach, and author/speaker.

And this simple plan has helped many of my clients. But most importantly, it can help you too!

Finally, Learn How to “Rejection Proof” your Life for Good!

In my book, Overcome Rejection: The SMART Way you will…

Learn the five STEPS to overcome rejection, once and for all, using an easy-to- remember acronym (S.M.A.R.T)
Discover how to prepare for a situation where you “might” be rejected
Learn how to manage your feelings at the moment of rejection
Know what to do AFTER being rejected that will increase your chances of success
Know how to bounce back stronger, faster so you experience the results you want
And reduce the likeliness of being rejected

CLICK HERE to read an even more detailed list of the specific benefits you will receive, including page numbers…

All in all, you will learn to “Rejection Proof” yourself and achieve success in business, relationships and life that you deserve!

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Tips to create win-win business relationships
How partnering with your “competitors” can improve your business
3 Hints for coping with rejection in selling
What to do if you are experiencing “too much” rejection in selling. And it has nothing to do with your sales and marketing materials
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A wallpaper image (.jpg) for your computer desktop
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"The suggestions you give are easy to understand and easy to implement. "

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"I love Rachna’s book, Overcome Rejection, because it gives practical advice that you can use in life and in business. It’s not one of those “don’t take it personal” kind of advice books. It’s filled with ideas to help you change your feelings and thinking so that rejection won’t affect you negatively and you’ll be able to concentrate on what’s important to you—following your dream."

-Lisa Hepner, author & speaker

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I believe that this is one of the best investments you can make for your business and your life.

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But really, you know that the investment you make in yourself is an investment that you can't really put a price tag on.

A one time investment in yourself can yield returns for a lifetime!

Invest in yourself (and your business) by learning how to “rejection proof” yourself, once and for all, and reap the success in business, relationships and life many times over!

Here's to the success you deserve,

Dr. Rachna Jain

Dr. Rachna Jain

P.S. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain with my 30 day money back guarantee.

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Imagine what you will accomplish once you overcome rejection once and for all. You're worth the one time investment in yourself that will pay dividends for a lifetime!

Copyright 2007 Dr. Rachna D. Jain