Dr. Rachna D. Jain's Overcome Rejection will...

Uncover your worst fears so they won’t continually plague you (page 7)
Learn five techniques to help you adopt a new belief system and be optimistic about your talents, skills or abilities (page 8)
Understand the seven common reactions and behaviors that arise from feelings of rejection so that you won’t get stuck in the past (page 11)
Explore how well you currently bounce back from rejection (page 15)
Discover the four levels of introspection and how you can use rejection as a “wake up call” to transcend your limitations (page 24)
Learn productive questions to ask yourself to help you develop a different perspective regarding any past mistakes (page 34)
Gain wisdom and perspective by using even more powerful questions to help you get over a past failure (page 35)
Attain five strategies for developing patience and enjoying life (page 36)
Find out how to recover from rejection by growing in each of these key areas (page 39)
Receive six key concepts that will help you make the commitment to overcome rejection, once and for all (page 60)
Learn five belief shifters to use when you are in the midst of rejection so that you can come out on top (page 79)
Discover the seven areas of your life that you MUST tend to for your overall well being (page 87)
Find out how much energy you have available to reach your goals (page 90)
Learn how to manage your negative feelings so that you glide smoothly toward your goals (page 109)
Be invited to take a 30 day test that utilizes the law of attraction to manifest something you desire (page 114)
Attain specific techniques for feeling better right away (page 115)
Ascertain how much negative thinking you really do (page 125)
Discover one word you can use to help you shift from negative to positive thinking instantaneously (page 128)
Get three tools to help you manage your attitude and feel abundant (page 129)
Learn five questions for finding a more positive framework in a “negative” situation (page 130)
Be taught three factors to self-assess your readiness to accomplish a goal (page 136)
Know how to use objective markers to decrease the likelihood of rejection (page 137)
Be able to determine what to do if self-assessment doesn’t work (page 138)
Uncover five tools for increasing your readiness to achieve your goal and therefore increase your chances of success (page 139)
Learn what NEVER to do right after a rejection (page 145)
Explore one of the best tools for taking action and moving forward (page 150)
Know what two things to do if you’ve been trying to reach a goal for a long time and feel like you’re not getting anywhere (page 150)
Gain five tools to help you develop persistence, which is the most critical factor in attaining success (page 152)
Learn what you should be doing every 3 months (page 152)
Find out how to use “backwards planning” to help you reach your goals (page 154)
Become an expert at building leverage and multiplying your results (page 158)
Master the four steps to designing your own SMART plan to achieve any goal (page 162)
Be able to recognize two behaviors that will get in the way of achieving your goal (page 164)
Gain three strategies to get clear on what you really want (page 166)
Attain five tips for making the SMART system work for you and permanently rejection proof yourself (page 169)
Pick up an unusual technique to use when you’re feeling stumped by a problem or don’t know what to do next. (page 171)
Find a specific SMART plan to use if you’re an Entrepreneur, Salesperson, Single Adult, Actor/Model or Writer (page 175)
Read inspirational quotes from famous people regarding overcoming rejection (page 197)

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